Submitted by Daniel Pi on Sat, 11/28/2015 - 13:54

ImageThe ranking list below uses data gathered by Washington and Lee University School of Law, which covers the period 2007-2014. We have chosen to list only journals known to publish research in Law and Economics regularly (though not necessarily exclusively). To avoid distorting the picture, we have not included law reviews and pure economics journals, both of which occasionally publish Law and Economics research. 

Journal Publisher Impact Citations
Journal of Legal Analysis Harvard University, Oxford University Press 1.73 514
Journal of Legal Studies University of Chicago 0.99 691
Supreme Court Economic Review University of Chicago, George Mason University 0.89 258
Journal of Empirical Legal Studies Cornell University 0.74 937
Journal of Law, Economics and Organization Yale University, Oxford University Press 0.54 469
American Law and Economics Review American Law and Economics Association, Oxford University Press 0.45 296
Journal of Competition Law and Economics Criterion Economics, LLC 0.35 389
Journal of Law, Economics and Policy George Mason University 0.31 282
Journal of Law and Economics University of Chicago 0.27 445
Review of Law and Economics (online) De Gruyter 0.16 197
International Review of Law and Economics University of Hamburg, Columbia University, Elsevier 0.10 146
European Journal of Law and Economics Springer Publishing Company 0.03 61
Journal of Legal Economics American Academy of Economic and Financial Experts 0.03 18
Asian Journal of Law and Economics (online) Asian Law and Economics Association 0.02 6